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My show at the Metal Museum

My small Ring a Day exhibition is currently on view at the National Ornamental Metal Museum until January 7, 2012. It’s on the second floor of the library building. I could not be more pleased with the installation, conservator Kevin Burge made individual stands for all of my rings. Woot!        You can…

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EtsyMetal Project Runway Challenge 9.5

Suede, copper, brass, sterling, snaps. The EtsyMetal Project Runway challenge two weeks ago was to make something that would work well with Heidi’s sport New Balance collection. The designers on the show were encouraged to incorporate denim or suede into their designs. I’ve had computer problems and am finally able to post these pics. I’ve…

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a bracelet for Nina Garcia

Pierced brass cuff with variscite stone that I cut and polished. Made for the EtsyMetal Project Runway Jewelry Challenge. For this week’s episode the designers were challenged to create an outfit for Nina Garcia, the winning design will be worn by Nina and featured in Marie Claire magazine. Nina prefers a smooth and crisp silhouette,…

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20/52 Agate

Made for EtsyMetal’s Project Runway “Go Big or Go Home” Challenge. I carved the agate from a slab using my trim saw, hand tools, and sandpaper and then I set it in copper.

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I’M NOT DEAD! Really. I had pneumonia for a month and narrowly avoided hospitalization. Then my DSL went down for three arduous weeks of AT&T customer service hell (just ask for tier II support right away, you’ll be transferred back to the states). Here are some rings, I am very behind. RAW 19/52 sterling silver…

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where have i been?

GREAT question, I apologize to my three remaining readers.   For starters, I’ve been working on a mosaic tile installation in the courtyard of a local middle school. The students arranged all of the glass tiles before they were glued to the cylindrical benches which are six feet in circumference, there are 5 benches in…

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14/365 mosaic

sterling silver Tomorrow I start the largest outdoor mosaic I’ve done this year and that’s what’s been on my brain today, so I made a mosaic ring. I like the way it came out and it could be a contender for my new production line, if I can speed up the fabrication a bit. I…

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13/52 silver and copper

sterling silver and copper I am still a week behind on rings, this is a really busy time for me. I’m starting to work on some open and airy geometric designs that I can make from wire and a minimum of sheet. I really like rings that are contoured to fit the finger so I…

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raw kinetic ring challenge

Here they are! The twenty-two fabulous rings made for the Ring a Week kinetic challenge. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. Many made videos of their rings in action, I’ve linked to those on flickr. Michele Grady Rattle Ring sterling silver, glass, acrylic Michele wrote, “Since the glass stones are not set in a setting…

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