14/365 mosaic

sterling silver

Tomorrow I start the largest outdoor mosaic I’ve done this year and that’s what’s been on my brain today, so I made a mosaic ring. I like the way it came out and it could be a contender for my new production line, if I can speed up the fabrication a bit.

I really should start calling this challenge “A Ring Every Sunday Made Between 9pm and Midnight” as that’s what my last 4 rings have been. This disappoints me since its no different than making a ring a day, except I’m not making so many. I also haven’t been keeping up with adding other’s rings to the blog. I still love rings, but I hate having appointments with them. My experience with Ring a Day tells me this will change, for now it makes me ancy.

after soldering

I like it like this, gives me ideas for pins and bracelets.

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