365/365 finale

Our little friend has made it to the top of the pink tourmaline gumdrop! This is it, the end of Ring a Day. What an amazing experience it’s been. Thanks to all of you who have followed my progress over the year, your support has meant so much to me – without it I would have stopped making rings a long time ago.

This ring is for me and I spent most of the day making it. I didn’t have a plan and as a result made two settings and three bands before I finally settled on this design. The setting is a concave bowl (and probably more trouble than it was worth.) The ring isn’t perfect, but it is one of the most complex pieces I’ve made, the stone is yummy, and I’m happy with it.

Stay tuned for Ring a Week! Each day I will feature a ring made by another artist, and I will upload my weekly ring each Sunday. RAW baby, RAW!

10 thoughts on “365/365 finale

  1. Yaaaayyyy! Congratulations on making it through an entire year – what an accomplishment! This ring is fab – I've loved the ones you've made with these tiny figures.

  2. So very proud of you Tomi. This ring is just gorgeous. Love the triumphant stance on the little friend. Glad (s)he made it past the vertigo.

  3. Oh she is so sweet! She's been through a lot to get there 🙂 Do you plan some exciting adventures for her this year in RAW?Tomi, so happy you stuck to the end the way you did truly dedicated to the rules inspiring others to endure.Btw, love the ring and the stone is yummy you are so right!

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