245/365 real dog poo

sterling silver, acrylic paint, rhinestones, freshwater pearls, terrier poo

That’s right, genuine poo. The real deal. Perhaps you saw yesterday’s fake poo ring and recall that I adamantly said I was drawing the line at using actual feces. That didn’t satisfy Evelyn, I sure hope she appreciates this. As I walked around the yard today looking for a good specimen I reflected on the depths that both Ring a Day and my own latent adolescence have brought me to: pearl and rhinestone encrusted dog poo. Wow, I have surprised even myself. If you would like proof that this is actual excrement, it’s here.

What is even scarier is that I had already made and uploaded my (2-minute, dead basil) ring for today, this new ring is extracurricular. I found the poo and decided to put a coat of paint on it so that it would be dry for tomorrow. Then I put on two more coats of paint. Then I found the rhinestones in some old beading supplies and I was so enthralled that before I knew it the damn thing was made. I’m still a little shocked.

UPDATED: Evelyn, who dared me to do this, has made her own wearable poo ring, it is shown next to her fly ring.

Evelyn Markasky, RAD 234/365 & 246/365

And Lesley Tinnaro has joined in the fun with her Gecko poo ring:

Lesely Tinnaro, RAD 128/365

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