233/365 bloodwood

Bloodwood, sterling silver, brass, copper.

I have been wanting to incorporate wood into my work for a while now, last week I experimented with some cherry and was please with the result. Today I made a trip Colco Fine Woods and purchased a number of different varieties to play with. I cut this circle with my jeweler’s hand saw, it has a tung oil finish (which isn’t dry yet), and I have finally made my peace with epoxy.

Laura Flavin and I recently traded rings – this very comfy band style is based on her idea – I asked her if I could steal it. The wires of the band on Laura’s ring are soldered together in the back, making it tapered. I left mine parallel and plan to add a wire strut between the two for support next time.

Wenge, rosewood, bloodwood, walnut, mahogany.

2 thoughts on “233/365 bloodwood

  1. What an exciting concept!! I love this – my husband has a love affair with wood, this is one of his favorites, and mine too!!! I love it!!! Am now loving Laura's work as well as yours!

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