46/365 fake tan

This idea was so much better in my head. I’ve been wanting to do a fake tan ring for a while. I thought I would use yesterday’s ring like a stencil with an airbrush self-tanner, until I actually read the directions on the tanner label. Self-developing? Is that safe? You’re only supposed to use it once per day, and I figured I would need several applications, so I gave up on that – I am more important than the work!

I used bare leg tanner, “It’s like pantyhose in a can!” It certainly is pantyhose color. I sprayed it on and let it dry, but the letters did not come out, rats.

body paint, rather Hellboyish

It did work better than the red kissable body spray paint that I tried (available at Walgreens for 1/2 price while supplies last). The can came packaged with stencils, but it all ended up an oily mess that would not dry – and you should have seen my sink and bathtub!

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