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My dear friend Jan said something to me tonight that hit me profoundly. She said, “you are more important than the work”. Well, ok, she actually said, “you’re more important than your work”, but that’s not how I remembered it when I got into the studio.

I have been working straight-out the past 5 weeks or so, plus I’m in the middle of a veritable metal riot working on a new collection of pieces. I have not been eating my vegetables, getting exercise, or spending enough time with friends.

Truth be told, at hectic times like these I often become confused and think that I AM my work. So I made myself this ring to remind me of Jan’s words (through an acronym of a misrepresentation of Jan’s words), and to take time out to care for myself when I most need to.

sterling silver, pierced, forged

2 thoughts on “45/365 yamitw

  1. Oh my goodness Tomi. You won't believe this, but I have tears in my eyes after reading this. This is soooo wonderful and spoke to me too. I think those words will stick with me. I have trouble juggling work, my daughter, and taking care of myself too. Wear that ring…take a walk, eat your veggies, spend time with your friends, and have a good day. Thank you, Kathryn

  2. Hello Kathryn, Thank you for sharing your response, this does seem to be a universal dilemma for creative types (and workaholics in general!) Lets both make sure to eat our veggies! And thank you again for generously donating your wonderful ring to the Haiti project.Best,Tomi

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