Rings for Haiti

We now have 26 handmade rings for the eBay auction to benefit Haiti, which should start in a couple of weeks. I’m so impressed by the generosity demonstrated by this diverse group of metalsmiths. I have done very little promotion, simply mentioning it on Facebook, the EtsyMetal member forum, and in some Flickr photo comments. I haven’t solicited from anyone individually, all have offered their beautiful rings voluntarily and I’m very grateful.

Sara Westermark has donated her stunning chinese turquoise and sterling silver ring, the oxidized ring face is embossed with a leaf texture and the turquoise shows beautiful matrix mottling. This ring has sold.

Israeli artist Inbar Bareket has given a beautifully textured, thick sterling silver band ring, Landscape, the 13th of her Ring a Day series. This ring has sold.

Another wonderful band ring comes from Lorena Angulo. This ring is made from fine silver clay, it is heavily textured and has a great liver of sulphur patina. This ring has sold.

Mary Lu Wason says of her lovely sterling silver ring, “I created this on January 13, 2010, while listening to the radio reports of the disaster in Haiti. This began as a square wire. I filed and filed until I saw the silver tears appear.” This ring has sold.

Lora Hart has created a marvelous piece from fine silver clay and a lab grown ruby with wonderful texture fleur de lis accents. This is ring #15 in Lora’s Ring a Day series. The auction for this ring has not yet been scheduled.

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